Seminar Robot Navigation

Requirements & Information
  • Organizers: Prof. Dr. Maren Bennewitz (Juniorprof.), PD Dr. Cyrill Stachniss, Prof Dr. Wolfram Burgard, Dipl. Inf. Armin Hornung, Dipl. Inf. Kai Wurm, and Dipl. Inf. Barbara Frank
  • You have to prepare a talk of 30 minutes and to write a summary. Both can be done in English or German.
  • The seminar is restricted to 9 students.
  • Please register via the LSF (click here). We apply the strategy: first come, first serve.
  • The seminar will be held as a "Blockseminar" on February 11/12 starting at 10.00 s.t. in SR 00-019, building. 079.
  • The first meeting will be on October 28, 2.00 s.t. (for registered students only) in SR 03-026, building 051.
  • A first version of the slides for the presentation must be sent to the supervisor on January 31 at the latest.
  • The final version of the summaries must be submitted by February 7. You should discuss the summary before with the supervisor and revise it once accoding to his/her comments.
  • The summaries should be 7 pages long at maximum (latex, a4wide, 11pt) not counting the bibliography. Significantly longer summaries will not be accepted.
  • Topics will be assigned in the first meeting.

Updated Information:
  • The seminar takes place on Thursday, February 11, starting at 10.00 a.m. (s.t.) and
    February 12, starting at 1.00 p.m. (s.t.). Please be there on time!
  • Location: Building 79, upper floor, seminar room (079 00 019)

    DayFrom To Presenter
    Thu 10:00 10:05Introduction
    Thu 10:05 10:40Thomas Huber
    Thu 10:40 11:15 Zhongjie Cai
    Thu 11:15 11:25 10 min break
    Thu 11:25 12:00 Stefan O▀wald
    Thu 12:00 12:35Hernando Ramirez
    Thu 12:35 15:15 2:40h break
    Thu 15:15 15:50Sabine Frauenhoffer
    Thu 15:50 16:25Peterhans Hendel
    Fri 13:00 13:35Nichola Abdo
    Fri 13:35 14:10Hadi Kheyruri

  1. Kris Hauser, Tim Bretl, Kensuke Harada, and Jean-Claude Latombe
    Using motion primitives in probabilistic sample-based planning for humanoid robots
    published in Algorithmic Foundation of Robotics VII, 2008
    [supervisor: Maren Bennewitz]
  2. Anna Petrovskaya and Andrew Ng
    Probabilistic mobile manipulation in dynamic environments, with application to opening doors
    presented at IJCAI 07
    [supervisor: Maren Bennewitz]
  3. Mark Cummins and Paul Newman
    Highly Scalable Appearance-Only SLAM
    presented at RSS 09
    [supervisor: Cyrill Stachniss]
  4. Aleksandr Segal, Dirk Haehnel, and Sebastian Thrun
    presented at RSS 09
    [supervisor: Cyrill Stachniss]
  5. Nicholas Roy, and Sebastian Thrun
    Motion Planning through Policy Search
    presented at IROS 02
    [supervisor: Barbara Frank]
  6. Amalia Foka, and Panos Trahanias
    Predictive Autonomous Robot Navigation
    presented at IROS 02
    [supervisor: Barbara Frank]
  7. D. Fox, J. Ko, K. Konolige, B. Limketkai, D. Schulz, and B. Stewart
    Distributed Multi-robot Exploration and Mapping
    Proc. of the IEEE, 2006
    [supervisor: Kai Wurm]
  8. D.F. Wolf and G.S. Sukhatme
    Semantic Mapping Using Mobile Robots
    IEEE Transactions on Robotics 2008
    [supervisor: Kai Wurm]
  9. J. Chestnutt, Y. Takaoka, K. Suga, K. Nishiwaki, J. Kuffner, and S. Kagami
    Biped Navigation in Rough Environments Using On-Board Sensing
    presented ad IROS 09
    [supervisor: Armin Hornung]
  10. J. Lui and M. Veloso
    Online ZMP Sampling Search for Biped Walking Planning
    presented at IROS 08
    [supervisor: Armin Hornung]
  11. C. Kwok and D. Fox
    Reinforcement Learning for Sensing Strategies
    presented in 2004
    [supervisor: Maren Bennewitz]