Practical Course: Autonomous Slotcar Racing

The goal of this practical course to program slotcars (Carrera Digital 132) to enable them to drive autonomously against each other as well as human drivers.
In this practical course, we will make use of probabilistic techniques and machine learning approaches. Thus, it is suggested to have participated in the lecture "Introduction to Mobile Robotics" (even if this is not a hard constraint). Furthermore, programming skills are definitively needed. Students participating in this project will have to work in small teams of two students and each team will have to program their own driver.

  • Organizer: Dr. Cyrill Stachniss
  • We will meet Wednesdays at 10h in building 79, Room 00-019 (upper floor, seminar room).
  • The 1st meeting will be on Wed, 22.10.08, 10h (ct) in building 79, Room 1006 (lower floor)
  • Language: The course language will be German or English depending on the participating students.
  • Registration: The deadline is over!
  • The course is restricted to 12 students (for master students).
  • Registration-policy: First come, first serve.
  • Check this page for updates frequently.