Seminar Humanoid Robots

Requirements & Information
  • Organizers: Prof. Dr. Maren Bennewitz (Juniorprof.) and Prof Dr. Wolfram Burgard
  • Co-Organizers: Dipl. Inf. Daniel Maier, M.Sc. Felix Burget, Dipl. Inf. Juergen Hess, Dipl. Inf. Henrik Kretzschmar
  • The seminar will be held as a "Blockseminar" on July 3 and 4 in rooms 00-019, building 079 and 02-017, building 052, respectively.
  • The seminar is restricted to 9 students.
  • Please register via the LSF (click here). We apply the strategy: first come, first serve.
  • The first meeting will be on April 29, 2.00 p.m. in Building 101, SR 01-016.
  • Topics will be assigned in the first meeting.
  • You have to prepare a talk of approx. 30 minutes and to write a summary. Both can be done in English or German.
  • The summaries should be about 7 pages long (latex, a4wide, 11pt). For the 7 page limit, we just count the text, not the images and references.
  • A first version of the slides for the presentation must be sent to the superviser on June 16 at the latest.
  • The final version of the summary has to be submitted by June 30. You can revise the summary once according to the comments of your supervisor before the deadline.

Updated Information:

  • The seminar takes place on Wednesday, July 3. We start at 1 p.m. (s.t.), please be on time!
  • Location: Building 079, room 00 019.

    DayFrom To Presenter
    Wed 1:00 1:40Stephen Kehl: Probabilistic Balance Monitoring for Bipedal Robots
    Wed 1:40 2:20Johannes Meyer: Whole Body Humanoid Control From Human Motion Descriptors
    Wed 2:20 3:00 Serda Oguz Ata: A Control-Based Approach to Task-Constrained Motion Planning
    Wed 3:00 3:10 10 Min Break
    Wed 3:10 3:50 Daniel Leinfelder: Autonomous Navigation of a Humanoid Robot over Unknown Terrain
    Wed 3:50 4:30 Philipp Lerche: Automatic Gait Optimization with Gaussian Process Regression
    Wed 4:30 5:10Rafael Lopez: Probabilistic Modeling of Human Movements for Intention Inference